Archives- Barbie Bake… Or Something Like That

Original Post- March 1, 2012

I’m way behind on posting. I made this meal last Friday night. I’ve been busy though. Oh and this time I’m not doing a new meal every night. I’m only doing a new one twice a week or so (if it wasn’t obvious already). I am trying to cook every night though and have messed up one night. We got home that particular night at 7:30 PM so I don’t feel too bad about eating out.

Last week, I decided to look through my mom’s cookbooks. I’ve gotta say, I love technology. With a computer you just type in what you have or what you’re thinking about making and a list of recipes pops up. I sat and looked at those stupid cookbooks for an hour and a half just trying to find something that sounded appetizing. I finally found three that I liked. The first one I wanted to try was called Bar-Be-Bake. After reassuring my child  (and husband for that matter) I wasn’t going to bake one of her poor unsuspecting Barbies, we got started.

When you make this meal, you have to flatten and press biscuit dough in muffin tins. Two things:

  1.  Four year olds are FANTASTIC at this. Andrea loves to squish the bread before we get out of the supermarket (purposely) so squishing this was like a game for her.
  2. Use the jumbo muffin tins. The one that only has six “holes”. Seriously. It looked like a bunch of biscuit explosions in my oven.

After Andrea shoved all the biscuits into the muffin forms, I let her measure, pour and stir all the ingredients. This was quite possibly the easiest dinner I’ve ever made. She did every bit of it except put it into the oven.

When we pulled it out of the oven, it wasn’t pretty. Not even remotely. Russ said it looked like someone threw up on a biscuit if you want me to be completely honest. All of us just kind of looked at these biscuit, meat mountains on our plates and there was a silent dread at having to taste these. Andrea took the first bite. She said the meat was gross, dumped and scraped it off, and ate the biscuits. Figures…. I tried mine and it was surprisingly fantastic. Russ ended up really liking his also.  Jake ate the biscuit part more than the meat too. What in the world is it with my children and bread products? It’s like a moth to a flame.

Anyhow, they are extremely filling and we had leftovers. I couldn’t bring myself to heat them up again so they went to waste. They’re just so ugly. I’m thinking that the next time we make these, it will be in the big muffin tins so that they will look a little more appetizing…hopefully.

Flatten and press canned biscuit dough in muffin tins to outline cups. Brown hamburger lightly. Add 2 T chopped onions, 2 T brown sugar, and 1/2 C barbecue sauce. Salt to taste. Fill cups; sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.
Sorry, no nutritional information for this one. It was from a little church fundraiser cookbook. 🙂