Archives- Day 4- Cream of Chicken, How I Loathe Thee…

Original Post- March 1, 2011

Last night I planned to make Swedish Meatballs, but when I got home from choir practice I realized my hamburger meat was still frozen solid. However, I had chicken thawed out because I bought it in bulk and was in the process of dividing it up to put into my freezer. I pulled out a recipe for a chicken bake that called for mushrooms, chicken, egg noodles, broccoli and bread crumbs. I believe I read that recipe eight times or so to make sure I had all of the ingredients. (Which by the way, I think I must still have baby brain because I have successfully misread three recipes and lost three or four things in my house that I have yet to find…but that’s another story.)

I did not have mushrooms so I just skipped that step.  I cooked the noodles, steamed the broccoli, chopped up the chicken and boiled it and was ready for the next step. The only thing I had left to do was cook cream of chicken soup with milk, pour it on top of all the ingredients, sprinkle on some bread crumbs and throw it in the oven and I would be done. This would be my quickest recipe yet!

I ALWAYS have cream of chicken in my pantry. It’s always sitting there and annoying me because I only use it for one recipe, but have 10 cans. I open the pantry to retrieve a can and THERE IS NO CREAM OF CHICKEN! What the? I guess I should’ve checked, but I mean…come on! I immediately storm out of the kitchen and stomp up the stairs. I successfully wake up Jake and scare Andrea in the process.  I walk into the office/guest room and start ranting to Russ, who at this point probably thinks I’m psychotic because I’m whining about the fact that there is soup missing from the pantry. He laughs (then immediately stops when he realizes I’m serious) and says, I’ll be down in a minute and we will figure something out.

I am beyond ready to eat out at this point. I walk past the pantry and reached to shut (okay, slam) the door that I left open in my “soup rage”. I spot the alfredo sauce and immediately decide that that will have to do. I mixed the broccoli, chicken, and noodles together and poured the alfredo sauce on top and let it warm for a few minutes.

Russ isn’t a fan of alfredo, but even he agreed the meal was good. Andrea wanted seconds and I was happy that I didn’t waste all of that food for nothing. Even though I didn’t follow the recipe completely,  I guess that counts as a night. While I have eaten chicken and broccoli alfredo before, I’ve never made it at home. As of last night, it is now one of the “Family Approved Meals”.

Now, tonight is Day 5- Swedish Meatballs…I hope…