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Original post- June 14, 2013

Last night my husband pulled a fast one and wanted fast food. I argued about it for a few minutes until he finally admitted he just wanted something unhealthy and didn’t want me to spend time in the kitchen. I would have fought it, but I was half asleep yesterday from lack of sleep the night before so I complied. So, tonight we will be having salad and a homemade pizza. I don’t make my own dough yet, but that is a task I plan on trying in the near future. I’m mainly looking forward to my children taking on the task of spreading the sauce, cheese and pepperoni. It should be interesting considering they cannot sit at the kitchen table without whining about how the other is staring, how the other is being annoying, etc., etc.

I figured I would let y’all in on the fact that I had a major chocolate craving two days ago and decided it was imperative that I make chocolate chip cookies. After I picked up the chocolate chips at Walmart, I got home and put the kids to bed since it was bedtime. I still had several things to do around the house and I finally got around to making the cookies around midnight. (I am a hopeless insomniac.) Russ, my husband (for all my new readers), was somehow still awake and wandered into the kitchen as I was finishing the cookie dough. After having to promise the bowl, the spatula, and the beaters as soon as I was done with them, I finally started to put the cookies on the cookie sheet. It was at that point that I got the fantastic idea to make frozen cookie dough. I put about ten cookies in the oven to bake (I still had a craving to take care of) and I grabbed another cookie sheet and started putting little dough balls in lines. I put them very close together since I was just going to freeze them and then pull them off of the sheet and put them into a bag or a Tupperware container. I ran out of room on the cookie sheet before I ran out of dough so I stuck the cookie sheet in our deep freezer. I realized I didn’t have room to put anything else inside the freezer without it being on top of the dough covered cookie sheet. I grabbed a plate from my cabinet and made the last 10 or so dough balls and put them in the freezer connected to my fridge. I finished up the cookies in the oven, had one to fix my craving, and cleaned a little and headed for bed.

When I got up yesterday morning I immediately remembered I had stuck the dough in the freezer. I had intentions to take the dough off of the cookie sheet and plate before I left the house for the day. Well, the cookies had other plans. This was supposed to be an easy task. Most things I try in the kitchen are supposed to be easy and rarely are so I shouldn’t be surprised, but alas, I always am.  I tried the dough on the sheet first. I grabbed a ball and pulled up and the cookie sheet came with the dough ball. I wiggled the dough ball a little and it came off as the cookie sheet fell on the table. Not only that, but I lost some of the cookie to the pan. Hmm. My thought was, “That one was stubborn. I’m sure it’s just a fluke.” Then it happened again, and again. I was getting a little frustrated at this point and decided to try the dough balls on the plate. Once again, I had the same stickiness problem! The dough was so sticky (and pretty much not completely frozen) that I just tossed them into a container and separated each row of cookie dough balls with a piece of wax paper. I had no idea what else to do so this would have to work. I wonder if it was the type of cookies I made or if it had something to do with me not spraying the pan prior to freezing. Either way, if you have a tip, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies:
The recipe I used was on the back of the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips bag. Although it doesn’t freeze very well, the cookies I baked were fantastic!

Happy Cooking!

*I haven’t decided whether or not to write on the weekend. I will either update tomorrow or wait until Monday.*