Cooking 101

A lot of times I publish these cooking posts and remember that it wasn’t so long ago I didn’t understand all of the cooking terms and abbreviations. I know sometimes I post something and I think, “Am I really helping someone out if they don’t understand me?” So, right now, I am going to give a little quick guide to measuring abbreviations. I will add more little tidbits here and there as they come to me, but for right now, this was the first subject I thought of.

I hope this helps! Happy Cooking!

C = Cup
T or Tbsp. = Tablespoon
t or tsp. = teaspoon
oz. = ounce
lb. = pound
pkg. = package
pt. = pint
qt. = quart
gal. = gallon
sm. = small
mdm. = medium
lg. = large
fl. = fluid